To dot the i's

I want to premise that I do not deal with politics, obviously I have my own opinions, but I try to keep them private. My most assiduous readers will have noticed that the range of artists and movements published is quite varied. Although my hostility towards a lot of contemporary art is very clear I try to point out those artists who appear to me different from the others and in some way innovative. It must be said most of the artists published in this blog are not innovative stricto sensu, on the contrary they are often traditionalist and old-fashioned. The point is that I think professionalism and honesty are more important. It is so easy to make sensation and people talking about you, but this doesn't mean saying something new in the art world, it only means money for organizers, for critics and gallery owners, and of course for the artists. All this has nothing to do with art. I must admit that my way of proceeding is often casual and I am aware of it, I run the risk of inserting wrong artists in what may seem a mixture without rules; not at all, there are rules and they are also very strict and clear, but some artists or works of art evade their natural place and push me to take account of them  regardless of social and political considerations. Some works of art may seem incongruous or out of time, sure, but my aim is to teach my readers how to look art in the right way. Unfortunately the history of art offers too many negative examples of artists artfully created for reasons external to art; a suggestion? Modigliani and Picasso, two impostors, but the list is very long. Sometimes is necessary to clarify my intentions.