New hyperrealistic art

Photography, since its beginnings, has tried to imitate painting just to give itself that artistic patina that in reality did not had, it has continued to do so until has found its own space with rules. On one hand it removed from the art world (despite the favorable opinion of many critics), on the other hand slipped to different areas such as social news. Painting, in this case hyperrealist painting, has largely taken advantage of the photographic mean until arriving to the most complete simulation of reality. Does all this make sense? If we intend to look for aesthetic value we lose time because it does not have any, if we look for the signs of our time we can also be pleasantly affected by some works or by some artists. After the beginnings during the '70s, at time of Estes or Close, in which the aesthetic motivations were strictly connected to those of Pop Art - the subjects represented were taken from the everyday imagery of all of us - a certain decline took place in the latter years, but then returned to hard focused images. Hyperrealism is no longer the same, captivating and surprising, and unfortunately today seems to be an exhibition of technical skill. Raising the many "ooh!" of unwary observers is no different from the bewilderment caused by the new conceptual (scoundrel) artists. Meticulousness and details that photography does not always give us back, and the aim is to isolate fragments of reality that would otherwise be lost. Unfortunately it is not at all like this and the result we see is mere exhibition. I don't want to be too cynical and therefore to risk not to recognize good art by confusing it with bad art, but it is necessary to debunk myths and distinguish. Let me naming a few artists among the very many all over the world; my readers will be wondering if these are good artists, but my answer cannot be favourable: in my opinion Hyperrealism is dead and what we see today is, I am repeatin again, simple skill.
Paul Cadden (1964-). Scottish painter.
Dirk Dzimirsky (1969-). German painter.
Diego Fazio (1989-). Italian painter.
Paul Lung (1972-). Chinese painter.
Franco Clun (?). Italian painter.