200.000 visits

This blog has exceeded 200.000 visits. I thank everyone who visited it. Considering it is dedicated entirely to art this is a beautiful achievement. I was not hoping to get so far. In today's world everything would leave us thinking that art has predominant role, but it is not so. Today a multitude of people consider themselves or are considered artists, but it is not at all true because they are not. Any fool who writes a song or scribbles on walls is convinced to say and to do something new having high artistic value. False. The imbeciles remain so even and especially if they appear frequently in the media. Some of them become rich and when they die (finally!) they are treated as great celebrities who have strongly influenced the contemporary culture. False. It is a dirty counterfeiting of the Power that needs to create false myths to confirm its unaltered domination. In addition to painting, sculpture, architecture, many other disciplines have been added to the sphere of art: cinema, photography, design, fashion, show business, just to mention the most famous ones. But is that really about art? Most of the times they are very far away. Despite the efforts of well-known scholars and art critics, the elements that distinguish art from such new means of expression remain, indeed today more than ever they become more evident. Art can not be subjugated to Power otherwise it expires in imitative or becomes celebratory. Even when the client becomes pressing to the point of heavily influencing art, he never manages to control it fully, and this cultural influence remains anchored to social structures, with its rules, and its value system. Art must experiment and investigate the reality to continue being vital. In the past they  have been long periods in which art has codified and expressed itself within what we call style, a wrapping that has become sclerotic and has lost any aesthetic value, but has always replaced the new and art has taken over again the cultural debate. These deviations  from art have little value tied as they are to the needs of the markets, today they are there and appear dominant, but tomorrow they have already disappeared. It is said that general public is naive and ready to accept anything proposed. Obviously it is false. The public let itself be invaded by this mass of objects-works without having the intention of making them its own, without believing of being represented by them. I think it is very difficult being able to remain oneself in a world like this where cultural conditioning has reached obsessive levels. In this blog I tried to oppose the dominant culture and the stereotypes created during the last century publishing works by forgotten artists or new semi-unknown artists, opposing the choices of unscrupulous cultural operators and art critics. The study of art history was profoundly influenced by the Vienna school, then the pupils spread throughout Europe and later in America. Unfortunately there was no comparison and of course the existing interpretation prevailed. The rapid change of avant-garde was favored by this school which in turn came out triumphant. Abstraction wanted at any cost and the growing politicization of artistic movements caused the worst. The absurdities and provocations of Surrealism have made followers wherever there was someone willing to create bullshit. A small group of people literally took possession of the artistic channels that counted. Abstract Espressionism and Informal in America and a variegated Cubist-Abstractionism in Europe have provoked that fracture with the reality that had been preached since long time. Swindler artists became millionaire, and the best example is Picasso, the king of charlatans. Everything became possible (in the worst sense), and the watchword was: the worse is the better! Everyone knows that when the shit reaches the neck you end up swallowing it. This is what happened. I have written about that several times and my readers know it very well.
Finally I would like to suggest a simple and modest rule: look  with your own eyes, keep yourself informed, and be wary of anyone proposing a "screamed" or "scandalous" version of art.
Obviously this blog has precise limits: is not an essay on art; I can not write too long pieces of accompaniments to avoid taking space from images; I can not openly express my opinion because I am guest of a free site. I am not a famous art historian and my name means almost nothing, I do not occupy important positions in prestigious cultural institutions. Sorry, but I had to say it. Just because I do not have the slightest power I am forced to moderate my interventions; I apologize for this with my readers, but I can not do otherwise.
Finally I would like to mention the language. English is not my mother tongue. I realize that my English is rather insufficient, suitable to write short articles commenting the images, but not to write more ambitious articles. I apologize for this too long piece, there will not be others because there will not be another 200.000.