Andrea Minguzzi, Italian wrestler.
Again about beauty. What is that? What does it consist of? What are its characteristics? How to recognize it? Here are just two examples: two powerful, healthy, balanced, harmonious bodies. That's all? Yes, it is, but don't think it is easy to get, only a few lucky ones succeed. What does the body have to do with beauty and art? The body is our being in the world, it is a kind of medium with which we take part in reality, a reality that transcends us and continues to exist with or without us. The body is the measure of things, and art is based entirely on it, since dozens of millennia ago, when men blew ocher dust to get the imprint of their hands on rocks. Today the reality, or what we call, is enormously more complex because our approach to it has changed, but the instrument, or vehicle, or means with which we live it is always the same: our body, our beautiful body, and art is closely related with it.
Daigoro Timoncini, Italian wrestler.