Roberto Ferri (1978-). Italian painter.
Ferri can evoke the glories of Baroque painting because he has all the capacity to do. We should be grateful to him because, together with other artists, he had the courage to go against the current. I think it is very well to interpret the Myth, a little less well is to use symbols that bring us back to the end of the XVIII century or equally intrepid or esoteric symbols of surreal (not surrealist!) matrix. I think I understand that Ferri has recently decided to do without it and I am pleased. If I had to give him advice I would suggest clearing his palette, we have enough of dark tones and indistinct backgrounds, let more light penetrate into his compositions! In other words, being less theatrical (grandiose vice of Baroque art) and more realistic, sanguine, vital, and solar.There is nothing to say that Ferri is a great Italian artist and I hope that he goes much further than the results achieved.