Art criticism

Unfortunately the English-Polish art critic Waldemar Januszczak appears often on television, even the Italian one, in a series of documentaries about the art of all time distinguishing himself from other art critics for his uninhibited and frightening commenting. The general public is supposed to learn something, but the result is a dangerous misinformation. His clownish grimaces and his particular gait and gesticulation are too reminiscent of the comic-grotesque spectacles of the yiddish teather. His explanations are always invariably reductive and banal, explanations that anyone can find on any popular publication of art (certainly much clearer), what distinguishes him is his extreme security concealed behind a ruthless cynicism that ruins the lives of others, but has made him rich. Do people notice that? Maybe people laugh of his antics? I hope so, but the fact remains that pseudo critics of such race we could do without.