Amaru Muru, Peru.
They have been told and are still saying a lot of nonsense about this so-called Star-gate. I wonder if it is not sufficient in itself merely to consider it as the shape of a door engraved on the stone wall. Is not the door a means to go further? Beyond where? To any other place that is not what you leave behind. Therefore that place is strictly individual and not communicable to others. Do you really pass that door? Obviously not, the rock wall is made of matter as well as your body is material; these conditions cannot be overcome. But the meaning of the door is another: it is the tangible symbol that there is another not perceptible world, and it depends on us if and when to go beyond it. The door is nothing but an easy mental disposition to take, but it is so difficult to choose. 
The aliens have nothing to do and as to the Gods... they have gone away for so long.