Willy Meller (1887-1974). German sculptor.
This is what happens to a work of art when it ends in the hands of idiots skillfully controlled by a culture of hatred. This happened at the end of the World War II, when among the promoters there were powerful and doubt personalities like Ilya Ehrenburg. Funny but predictable how the rage of the destroyers unloaded on the genitals of the statues. It happens also in recent times albeit with other modes, it happens even to ignorant tourists that doing a selfie cause irreparable damage to a baroque statue. All this means that art is considered a sort of option, a kind of nice bonus. Usually those who embrace a machine gun do not assess whether the work of art has any value or not, they cannot do, if they have been told to delete any trace of the defeated they do it without any hesitation. But there is more than that.
Plenty of self-employed psychologists, political scientists, sociologists, and of course art historians have dug down deep for trying to justify the mass such exhibition of nudity in a country painted as the champion of intolerance. How could it be tolerated so much homosexual ostentation? This clearly contradicted all the inventions about the so called "pink triangle". The issue has remained unresolved, apart from the same song on the imitation of classical art. Would you be able to conceive nowadays a public building adorned with a bas-relief in which the various figures shamelessly show hanging testicles? Do you think it could be possible? Not even (or perhaps above all) in the  USA (the country of freedom), a country whose pornographic industry is as potent as the weaponry industry and has a planetary diffusion, a country where it is easy to find a reproduction of Leonardo's Vitruvian Man with the carefully obscured genitals!