Paul Engelmann (1891-1965). Austrian architect.
Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951). Austrian philosopher.
Stonborough house, Vienna.
Perhaps this is one of the most celebrated building of modern architecture, especially because of the famous philosopher (his sister Margaret Stonborough Wittgenstein was the client). This is a classic example of rationalist architecture, then very fashionable, above all in a particular group of people. Apart for some later-created legends such as the famous angular radiators or the metal fixtures designed according to mathematical sequences, the house is not only almost uninhabitable but also horrible; just look at it to immediately understand that the brilliant white plaster will last for a short time and that in order to heat the house you will spend a fortune. But obviously art critics do not think at all about the concept of habitability, while what really matters is the sensation that the object can provoke. It did not concern also the equally famous sister whose wealth was such as to put aside these problems.