Ryzhenko and other.

Leave me space to do some indispensable critical considerations. So let's take an artist like Ryzhenko. I suppose he is well-known in Russia, but in our Western world is not enough or even unknown. For our misfortune he died before the time. He was an artist who did precise and unambiguous choices, an artist whose caliber is far superior to the average, an artist who can not be ignored with silence. Yet it is what has been done by the great international museum institutions. Is there any reason for it? There are more than one. First of all he is Russian, the other side of the world, in addition he was not a dissident. He chose to follow the aesthetic canons of the Academy, so his painting is not only extremely understandable but also dated, in the sense that if we would to compare with other painters we should go back to the late-Symbolism, an art movement widely developed especially in France but hindered by art dealers who did other choices promoting those artists who would have guaranteed them a greater profit; I refer not only to merchants but also to art critics who just in those years were hardly earning an undisputed celebrity. So Ryzhenko painted in an outdated way. But there is more. Ryzhenko represented the history of Russia seen from an angle opposite to that of official historiography; then painting with nostalgia and regret the Tzar and the society of that time is really something that Power could not tolerate. Therefore Ryzhenko is out of time and terribly anti-historical. This is what I suppose was their judgment. Yet Ryzhenko is a great artist. But it is better to promote the shameless of art-build artists, the general public must be educated to accept new form of art that are nothing but confusion and deception. Institutions invest money in order to obtain huge profits and above all cultural credibility. Have you never wondered why some very rich countries are collecting modern art collections with works that belong to the Western world and that contradict the culture and the lifestyle of those countries? It is just about investing money, and this will call more money in an endless vicious cycle. People are becoming more stupid and presumptuous in the illusion of enjoying freedom of expression, but this a tragic lie.