Romanesque art

We are led to think that eroticism or, to the extreme extent, pornography is a characteristic of our time. That is not the case. Conformism, hypocrisy, twin-track and double culture have profoundly influenced the behaviors and the way of thinking of common people. Obviously it was about forcing and falsehood. Eroticism and sexuality have always had room for the mentality of people regardless the choices of the dominant culture. Today any aspect of everyday life has been standardized and the obsessive presence of pornography would leave us thinking that we live in a free world where everything is allowed. It is false. In the past there have been moments in which eroticism and sexuality have played an important role in people's social life. A great example comes from Romanesque art. There is no European Romanesque church, from England to Spain, which has not sculpted evident erotic scenes, today it would be unthinkable. The purpose of power was clearly dissuasive and of condemnation, but it constant presence shows how much sexuality was part of everyday life.