I think this is one of the best examples of its kind (I don't know who is the author), I'd say rather ambitious, taken from the street and brought indoors. Trains; subway tunnels; walls of slums; urban graffiti art as art border; alternative; released and excluded from art official channels; social achievement and racial pride; gestures and drawings "to free the collective unconscious"to project into the future; desperate wild cultural phenomenon of urban vandalism; so they wrote some art critics. At least part of that is true, but from here to give it an artistic meaning there is a great difference. Graffiti art is repetitive and schematic. It has no claim to represent the whole reality or decode it. Graffiti are simply signatures from individuals or social groups, nothing more than marks, just like dogs do when marking their territory. I see only the sign of a desperate vandalism and as such it should be considered.