Karl Möbius (1876-1953). German sculptor.
It is a sculpture of a nude of rare beauty and dynamism, characteristics which are not at all lost in the reduction of the scale of the model (it could be a kind of litmus test), on the contrary they are even enhanced. However, despite the advanced and progressive culture we are living in a nude still raises concern. Of course idiots there are always been everywhere, but what is more surprising is that these idiots have recently increased in Germany, just in a country that proven guilty seems all projected toward pluralism. Yet the testicles of the statue, set in a Berlin park, were smeared with red paint. The same thing happened and continues to happen in Italy (a country always accustomed to the male nude in art), as in the defaced statues of the Stadio dei Marmi or the Palace of Italian Civilization in Rome. Someone will say: it is rhetoric and fascist art. I think it is a sign of the times: the homologated and castrating culture gives its magnificent fruits.