Isaak Brodsky (1883-1939). Russian painter.
He was an artist who enjoyed for decades an immense popularity and a power that few others have had. Fortunately his artistic value has been greatly reduced. Unsurprisingly the various Bolshevik commissars have granted him so much confidence when it is clear the middle-class and intimate nature of his art. In his works he shows a strong influence of the French Symbolists and Nabis (beware the importance given to the contour line), so nothing could be further from what the communist state demanded. The many political portraits are openly academicians not unlike to many European academic paintings. The masses representations are obvious and often expire in déjà vu without any true pathos. Let's take for example this execution of People's Commissars: notice the jerky movements of the victims and the theatrical diversity of the executioners who attend. Finally Brodsky was a mediocre painter who has nothing of his teacher Ilya Repin.