Carlos Barahona Possollo (1967-). Portuguese painter.
Possollo is an artist rather well-known in Portugal and his reputation is founded on a talent that uses Hyperralism methods. He prefers to refer to the classic myth and often he quotes the great masters. So far there is nothing to say. Eroticism is a sort of recurring leitmotiv. But what speaks against him is that he targets very foolish audiences who get excited at sight of animal and primitive nature of men (e.g. sex and blood). It's too easy to leverage over eroticism, far too many do in the artistic and extra-artistic area in this regard. We do not need more. It would be much better if Possollo used his uncommon talent for giving a new meaning to life, in  order to interpret it, helping people to recognize themselves. Art is for this and not to tickle people.