Maria Morgan-Snell (1920-2007). Brazilian painter and sculptor.
An artist nothing short of staggering; just to make an example she is comparable to Sert. Her murals or works on large canvas are invariably rhetorical, the style is rough, and the cultural references are so many that the list would be very long to fill. Yet there is something that fascinates us, especially sculptures such as this one I'm about to publish. Is it really her? My doubts are not because of her being a self-taught artist (there have been so many), rather her being monumental and deliberately old-fashioned (in others it could be a point of merit). If she had been an illustrator all fall within the norm, but she proposed herself as an artist and this shuffles the cards. On the other hand we must also say that gigantism and rhetoric are common to a lot of South-American art.