Giorgio Marinoni (1956-). Italian painter.
It is just an example but I could give many more. An artist like many others in Italy, in USA, in Russia, everywhere; artists that represent what they see. They did not disappear from the face of the earth. This kind of contemporary painting does not interpret the reality in which we live but remains slavishly tied to updated  nineteenth patterns. You need to say? But... is it true? Updated and scoundrel critics do not believe this painting worthy of being watched, simply it does not exist. But it is not true. In addition to the art generously displayed at the Guggenheim it exists a lot of little-known art and the public does not know it. Critics who make the show prefer to deal with what provokes scandal and sensation. But I fear that day after day the matter to be dealt with decreases more and more because there is really nothing that can create a sensation. So what do these crooks do? They invent bizarre new interpretations of the past works and making that they believe to be innovative. There seems honest?