Alfons Karpiński (1875-1951). Polish painter.
Someone will ask why I insist in giving too much space to an artist like Karpińsky, a modest level painter little known outside of Poland. I have met him during one of my many trips to that country and I have never forgotten. His artistic process was identical to that of hundreds of artists of his time and has nothing to distinguish it from the others. His numerous portraits of women are impeccable and someone is particularly interesting. But these paintings are not the ones that have attracted my attention. I am interested in the still lifes, particularly in flowers. Karpińsky has painted a lot of them. Potted flowers carefully arranged on shelves or small tables in the company of statuettes, or mirrors, or miniatures, or various pieces of porcelain. Sometimes they are the same ones that appear in several works, just arranged differently to create new spacial relationships and tonal differences. You may wonder if painting flowers and more flowers can justify an artistic career, certainly yes, just think about Fantin-Latour.