Maurizio Cattelan (1960-). Italian artist.
Cattelan is one of the most famous Italian contemporary artists.  I am embarrassed to admit that he is Venetian like me. Just to make a comparison: if Hirst is a scoundrel Cattelan is a mouth-breather. An imbecile who was well rewarded by the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and was gratified and honored by museums such as the Guggenheim and the Tate Gallery. This work with a laying horse has in full view the "titulus crucis" INRI . It is seen by critics (the usual pimps) that it may seem like a curse but instead is an inverted prayer sign. Nothing could be more misleading than this! Cattelan is a controversial artist and perhaps he does not want to be, he is not a post-artist as he is not an extra-artist (someone wrote these amenities). He said he wanted to quit for good his "artistic" activities and I hope he keeps his word.