Art Criticism

I have casually found an old article from 2005 on The Guardian (an ambiguous newspaper, but I could use far worse adjectives) and signed by the critic Adrian Searle. It is concerning the "scam" of contemporary art. I'm going to quote an extract:
This is just the sort of thing suspicious viewers might take as evidence that, for more than a century, artists have been making their work in bad faith, pulling the wool over people's eyes and having a laugh at our expence. This prejudice is hard to budge, even though it is nonsense; not least because no one would go to all the trouble and invest so much of themselves in perpetrating such a gigantic and elaborate confidence trich. Unless. that is, the whole scam were itself a conceptual artwork, or a bogus new religion.
Of course the author carefully avoids to take a position, but unintentionally suggests the truth. The role played by artists is almost null when compared with that played by critics, collectors, and public institutions. Don't worry, it is not a new religion, it is something much worse. I prefer to be more direct and characterise that as a sophisticated strategy of the power.