Art criticism

Piero Manzoni (1933-1963). Italian artist.
This is a world dominated by computers where information is immediate and the related pictures are of public domain. No surprise that we have become so used to the most extreme violence, to moments of unimaginable reality, to the manipulation of images when they turn so attractive as to be convincing, so much to replace the true facts. Whose responsability is it? Who follow me knows that I impute this  to the cultural workers: art critics, artists, semioticians, occult persuaders, and any other scholar on how to manipulate the culture. 
About half a century separates us from Manzoni's artistic operation Artist's shit. Then it caused a sensation, but now will not do it anymore. In principle the meaning of his message was all in the provocation, shaking the dominant conformism, reporting the devious role of commercialisation of art. But now it has passed away and the message has lost its relevance and interest. We got too much! Globalisation is turned capillary and there is the appearance there is room for anything, that anyone can express his opinion, but is is not so because the truth is the opposite. The power (and then the cultural power) is concentrated in few hands that control and manage resources, power, and culture. Will be there a changing? I think so, but for sure the price to pay will be high.