Frank Duveneck (1848-1919). American painter.
Mihály Munkácsy (1844-1900). Hungarian painter.
I have found out an error in assigning a painting. A portrait of "Blacksmith" attributed to the American painter Duveneck by the Jackson's Action in 2013 instead of Munkacsy. The auctioneer claimed the portrait is signed on the stretcher. Then again "The Village Blacksmith" painted by Munkácsy is actually shown at the Dayton Art Institute, Ohio, USA. The first painting is incomplete, the right hand and the whole left forearm are roughly drafted, in addition the right shoulder is more brilliant and powerful compared to the second version one. It doesn't look  to be painted by the same hand, it is more probably a copy. Duveneck copied Munkácsy? He could have seen the original in Germany where he had been studying in those years, or the painting could have been copied by an unknown painter everywhere. In order to give a real authentic it'd be necessary to examine the two paintings, but of course I cannot do it. What hits my attention is the amazing whiteness of that shoulder compared with the burnt face and, perhaps unwillingly, the evident eroticism missing in the second.