Bionics is a branch of science (especially engineering) that studies the biological systems existing in nature in order to apply them. By now it has become a fashion phenomenon and even the fashion industry has taken hold. All is glittering is gold? Of course not. I am not referring to scientific research but to its applications. Architects have promptly adopted throughout phraseology and stereotypes. There are countless examples all over the world. There is much talk about sustainability, energy saving, CO2 emission reduction and so goes on. Mine is not skepticism, I limit myself to look at the projects that these gentlemen continue to churn out with the support of those having power, the same people who have contributed to the partial destruction of the planet. I wonder why a bionic object must (no matter for the scale) be tortuous and convoluted or it must be extremely complex in its visual perception - any Greek temple was recognized without hesitation by every man. What is the reason why any architecture, in order to be bionic, must be charged of plant attributes? Do they make our lives more enjoyable? Utopian constructions are assumed  but life on the planet becomes more and more intolerable and precarious. Nevertheless the criteria of economic development invariably remain unchanged and the concentration of power becomes more and more exclusive, nobody disputes this point. Is this really what we need?