Art criticism

Generally it is thought that knowing how to choose the right color to paint the home walls is a sign of artistic temperament, the same is to be able to dispose colorful cushions on a sofa, or being dressed with taste and originality, or visiting art exhibitions, or not being surprised and don't ask: who is it? when it happens to hear the name of Mondrian. Well, all this is often confused with knowledge or an unspecified artistic nature, but it is not true. They are not artists just because one is able to sculpt a flower on  a piece of wood using a chainsaw, as they are not artists because one is curator in art museum; it is just innate ability and acquired knowledge. They are not engineers because are able to repair a leaky faucet, they are not artists because they create extravagant hairstyles, they are not artists because they assume unusual behaviour. Unfortunately we are living in a world where politicians behave like consumed movie stars, and rock stars are asked challenging questions about world politics. Experts, historians and art critics, are doing their part in complicating things in order to make them more confused and ambiguous: behaviours and bizarre outfits, daring language, extreme conceit and arrogance. No wonder if the great public (which with the "democratic" diffusion of the culture represents almost all the Western world) has become cocky while being at the same time conformed; all they learn from what they see and listen. Prejudices and stereotypes dominate, and a kind of a very confused relativism being touted by the dominant culture passes for pluralism, tolerance, and freedom of expression. What is the result? The utter confusion and deception spread out. Imperative social mechanisms are placed in shadow, reality it is taken for immutable, indecent lies become conclusive truth, and finally the education of future generations has become a sophisticated form of cultural conditioning that excludes all other possibilities. In a world in which any form of expression is considered acceptable and meaningful (all began at the time of infamous Dadaism, but its goal was limited and aim well different) is inevitable a developmental arrest with the definitive consequent loss of meaning of any new cultural proposal. Where is the responsibility? In money and in its holders.