Andrew Hankin (?). Australian artist.
A huge frying pan on the beach, what is the point? Nothing beyond the obvious symbolic reference: an obvious and silly operation. Where is the danger, if danger is there? People are inclined to consider or to confuse this with art. This is not art, this is simply an advertising operation. This so-called artist is a copywriter and uses the means and the strategy that are proper to his profession.
According to Mukarovsky the aesthetic sphere and the extra-aesthetic sphere are not sharply divided but are in dynamic relationship. How to identify where there is art and where there is not? In art the aesthetic function is dominant and asymptomatic while the dominance of another function is symptomatic. The work of art is always an inappropriate application of aesthetic norm and does it intentionally. Moreover the history of art is nothing but the history of violations of dominant norm.
Advertising tends to become art but never succeeds in being too tied to the social system of which it is one of the cultural vehicles.