Tony Smith (1912-1980). American sculptor.
Smith is a well-known artist, if not in name but for his minimalist works scattered everywhere. They are primary structures and their characteristic is exclusively physical and concrete, so real as to force the viewer to go around them. They are elementary geometric forms, for that reason are called Minimal, the message is minimized and less than that you cannot tell. But I think it is necessary to make a few comments about the change of scale. Look for example at these two works: a small size so as to to be conveniently placed in an art gallery; the other is enormous and such to be placed in a public park. The difference lies in the inability of the observer to perceive the planes movement that obviously creates volumes, While in the first work is possible with relative ease to observe the entire volume because the dimensions allow it, in the other work a large part of the directions-expansions is lost unless the observer does not begin to fly just enough to see the object from any point of view. Of course this fact cannot be escaped to the artist, but sometimes the urge to greatness comes at the expense of a correct perception. Similar considerations can be made for most of the Minimal art works.