Why has any artist never painted a body like this? Needless? Absence of a valid reason? Maybe too coarse? Yet the ancient Greeks tried to do for centuries, then by the Romans onward (mainly because of the Judeo-Christian religion) the body has disappeared, I mean to say the wonderful beauty of the body has disappeared from the many art themes. And today? There are only the ephemeral fashion world, the prevailing industry of pornography, the film industry equally assimilated, and then what else? What's about the hedonism which models our lives, and what's about the culture of mere appearance? No, there is the absolute vacuum. The body seen as the God's image (not according the Christian or the Buddhist equally mortifying interpretation), of a God identified with reality which counts for nothing. And we are having severed heads, bodies contorted by cosmetic surgery, bodies abused by advertising and culture of acquiescence. What we do have lost! How much more we'll lose!