Ludwig Meidner (1884-1966). German painter.
Here is another case of misunderstanding or even cheating, but this time is not the artist but critics. What are called apocalyptic visions that foreshadowed World War I in fact they were not at all. In 1912-1913 there was in Europe a sort of unstable equilibrium only disturbed by the Balkan wars. Germany was going through a period of prosperity and economic growth like no other European country. Meidner was not a politician nor a soothsayer, he was just an artist. I believe that his visions are the results of biblical reminiscences (let's not forget his origin) and could represent the divine punishment as a result of widespread corruption. But the point is not this. On the back of this painting (Apokalyptische Stadt, 1913) there is a male nude, a handsome young man lying with his legs spread in position of surrender or offer.  Weird, isn't it? Meidner was homosexual and painted nudes like this in other apocalyptic paintings (see my other post), as they were a gimmick or a talisman in opposition to disorder. Meidner thus shows an erotic-sexual desire so strong to defy even the punishing God but also the right-thinking society.