Epstein's ugly sculptures

Epstein was American born and later naturalized British. What is surprising is that he was the same sculptor who made the statues for the British Medical Association and thirty years after the Adam with his absurd fluttering penis. How can an artist change worsening up to this point? Apart from the fact that Epstein was widely criticized for the nude considered indecent (for what?), but the British ruling class has always been and continues to be stubbornly hypocrite even nowadays, a criticism that has constantly followed Epstein (given his obsession with sexuality), but at the same time cheering him the more ugly were his creations. A criticism, the British one, which has favored the artists who made clamour rather those who possessed real talent, just an example the underestimated Scottish School.  Well, Epstein, thanks to the backing he enjoyed,  has given the world a series of horrendous sculptures.