Art in America

But America is a strange and very vibrant country, a country where almost the entire cultural industry is in the hands of a few people, or museums, or cultural foundations, yet it seems incredible there are still gaps out of the control of those groups. There are artists who works more or less isolated regardless of what happens in New York. American Realism is at least bicentennial and is very much alive and kicking; there are not only Eakins, Homer, Bellows, Sloan, Hopper, there are also unknown artists who continue to create great works of art. Do not get me wrong: it is not important that they continue to do realism - it can be bad and distasteful like the worst contemporary art - it is important that these American artists conquer new spaces without, apparently, compete with the official and sponsored art. I think the reason is purely American,  is that indispensable will of free expression. Despite the blatant attempts of cultural conditioning of the '30s, '40s, and '50s, always motivated by specific political will, a good portion of American art continues to be itself and to carry out a precise plan regardless of the results (sometimes sensational) of hypocritically innovative culture.